Fascinating! In effect it is splitting the rights to capital appreciation (your NFT increases in value) from dividends (e.g. "airdrops").

I wonder about voting rights. I guess it is up to NFT projects to decide who gets to vote in any referendums, the original owner, the liquid delegate, or the rights get lost due to the not being in an escrow contract.

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Great work once again foobar 👏👏👏!!! I’ve been a fan of delegate cash since I 1st used it way back last year, and now you amaze us all again with this liquidity concept 🔥!!! Thank you for your service and hard work contributing to the web3 & blockchain space, I’m sure you don’t get nearly enough thanks and appreciation for all you do!! Your one of the true OG builders doing things the right way , much respect ser 🫡 💯!!!!

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If even veterans like Kevin Rose can lose their NFTs, this space needs more such innovative solutions of keeping funds safu in cold wallets, while relying on hot wallets for everyday stuff. Delegation rights could be a game-changer in this, thanks @foobar.

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